amber's cookbooks


Cookbooks are one of the best ways to experiment with baking!

I love to make cookbooks for many different treats. I love to use two corresponding desserts for my cookbooks so I can match the flavors together. I have made many cookbooks and I am working on more now. I have so many flavor ideas and decorating ideas. On my blog, you might not see certain baked goods but you can always find it in one of the cookbooks.


My newest cookbooks and original cookbooks

The first cookbook I had ever come out with was the Ramadan Cookbook for Kids Volume I. I am in the of making Volume II of that series as well. I have many more cookbooks that I am working on to go with it. Such as Volume III and Macarons and Cakes. I have many many more ideas for cookbooks that I still need to write down and work on.

Ramadan Cookbook for Kids

This was my first cookbook with 30 recipes in it for all 30 days of Ramadan. For this cookbook, I had asked some of my friends and family to send in one recipe so there was a variety of recipes.

You can order the cookbook on amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com. Click the button to go to Amazon and order the book.

Some of the testimonials:

"Cannot wait to try these recipes with my kids during Ramadan! We are always looking for ways to make the month more festive and this is a great addition!"

Sarah-My Aunt

"Amazing creation of young minds, thoughtful, and so well presented!"

Naseem-My Grandma

"I love how simple these recipes are! We've already made a few as an after-school snack!"

Erum-My Mom

"It was awesome how I contributed to the book, and all the recipes look DELICIOUS.

Saba-My Friend

"The recipes look so good, can't wait to try!! So happy I was able to contribute!"

Saira-My Friend